Kid-Tooning Workshops

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Hi! I'm Mary

I am currently offering my cartooning services as a Digital Caricature Artist for events and parties.

A little bit about me.... I started cartooning when I was just five.  I grew up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and it was there that I received an art scholarship to the Milwaukee Art Museum in 3rd grade.  If I ever wanted to do something like go to party, or stay up late, I drew my mom a cartoon and that was a great to get her to say yes! Later in college, I became my school's cartoonist with a weekly cartoon strip at the University of Wisconsin, Green Bay. After college, I went on to do comedy and learn improvisation at The Second City, and it was there in Chicago that I sold my first cartoon to a local newspaper.  

I've gone on to make my living as an actor ( and a stand up comic.  I just made my national stand-up comedy debut on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert and I took my daughter to New York to watch me film it!  Her and I now reside in Burbank, California. 

A few years ago, my daughter's teacher asked if I would come in and teach the kids cartooning. I jumped in and found my way, and now cut to just a few years later, and I was just awarded a grant from The Burbank Arts For All Foundation for a new cartooning program for kids in the Fall of 2016. (Thank you, Mrs. Palmisano!) 

I also write and illustrate children's books, and my newest book is "The Girl You Are".  Here is me reading it:





How it Works

I would love to come to your party or event and cartoon your guests and then email them the finished product to them. It's just me and my ipad. 

I have an hourly rate and am available for adult and kid's parties!  Please contact me at


"You are certainly the best cartoonist that I know because I know like 5 cartoonists."

— Jay (Age 6)